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My name is Jayme Holmes, I'm an advanced web developer with an advanced skill set in IT Architecture, System administration, IT Management including advanced programming languages of enterprise web applications. I'm an expert in planning, design, installation, testing, and modification of advanced web applications and systems.

My diverse experiences range from working with large- scale university projects to local community based projects.

During my college career I was chosen by UNM to attend a prestigious program at University of California Hayward where I began my passion for web applications development.

I am a detail oriented person, Team Player, exceptional problem solver and troubleshooter. In my free time I am a dad to a beautiful girl, musician, and snowboarder.

Companies/Institutions I'm Affiliated with.

University of New Mexico
University Hospital (CTSC)
Cal Hayward
Sandia L a bs
At Kearney
University of Miami
New Mexico State Dept
Bill Richardson (former Governor NM)

FAQ & Letters of Recommendations

A section to answer some of your questions.

Have you been Lead on a project?

Yes, I was lead front-end programmer and program manager for numerous projects including; Governor Bill Richardson’s course, WebCT Courses, and State funded extended learning websites.

Have you managed a group of designers and programmers?

Yes, I managed an exceptional team for; PhD, computer science programmers, instructional designers, marketing directors, front-end engineers. We utilized sales force and yammer as our CRM’s.

Are you familiar with N-tier Architecture?


teir graph


teir graph

Are you familiar with mobile frameworks?



Are you a team player?


I believe you are only as strong as your team. A good team is essential for success.

Why are you here?

I believe my mission is to work with amazing teams in technology to make our world a better place.

Letters of Recommendations




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